Chairman's Message


As a rural bank in a State over 80% of whose population is rural-based, Meghalaya Rural Bank is well aware of the crucial role it has in strengthening the rural economy of Meghalaya and the economy of the state as a whole.

Appropriately therefore, the stated MISSION of Meghalaya Rural Bank is to provide the best in banking services to rural Meghalaya and the VISION it cherishes is of a truly robust Meghalaya standing confidently on the foundation of a sound and prosperous rural economy.


Meghalaya Rural Bank is well placed to fulfil this mission and to further its vision seeing that it has:

  • one of the largest network of Bank branches in Meghalaya and potential to reach out to virtually every nook and corner of the state,
  • a strong culture of offering basic but sound banking services in a customer-friendly manner and with a distinct local touch.

The Bank is focused on "reaching the unreached" and extending "banking to unbanked areas" and is currently fully engaged in:

  • enhancing its reach by engaging Banking Correspondents and setting up Customer Service points (CSPs) for bridging the last remaining gaps in the link between branch and rural customer,
  • spreading financial literacy and awareness of banking products and of sound banking principles by organising village level meetings and camps.

We thank all who are with us in our enterprise and would welcome other to come join us in our mission and quest.

Rose A. B. Khyriem