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Small & Medium Enterprise(SME)


Objective Credit support to Poorest of the poor and to bring them above Poverty Line
  • Individuals whose annual family income does not exceed Rs 30,000/- in Rural areas & Rs 60,000 in urban & semi-urban areas.
  • Individual whose land holding does not exceed 1 Acre of irrigated and 2.5 Acres of un-irrigated land.
Age Minimum 21 years ; Maximum: 65 years
Maximum Quantum of loan
  • Rs 30,000 for house loan purposes.
  • Rs 20000 for other purposes.
Margin NIL
Interest Rate  4.00% per annum (Simple Interest)


Purpose This scheme aims at providing adequate and timely assistance to the businessman/ artisans to meet their credit requirements both for investments as well as for working capital in a flexible manner and at reasonable rate of interest.The facility will be extended by way of a revolving cash credit and the limit will be fixed based on the assessment made
  • Preference to be given to artisans registered with the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts).
  • Existing borrowers with limits up to Rs. 50,000.00 and satisfactory track record are also eligible.
Age Minimum 21 years ; Maximum: 65 years
Quantum of Loan Maximum of Rs 1.00 lacs
  • Upto Rs. 30,000/- NIL
  • Over Rs. 30,000/- and up to Rs. 1 lacs 20%.
Interest Rate  As per Bank's guidelines.

MRB Credit Card

Purpose To meet any kind of credit requirements of SSI units, tiny units, village industries, retail traders, professionals & self-employed
Age Minimum 21 years ; Maximum: 65 years

Customers of the following segments with a satisfactory track record for the last two years:-

  • Small industrial units
  • Small retail traders
  • Professionals & self-employed persons
  • Small business enterprises
  • Transport operators
  • Units who do not enjoy credit limit with us / other banks at present with excellent performance and credentials may be considered.
Quantum of Loan Maximum of Rs 10 lakhs
  • Upto Rs 25000/ - Nil
  • Above Rs 25000/- 20%
Interest Rate  Interest will be charged at prevailing rate on daily reducing balance at monthly rest.


Objective This scheme provides hassle free finance to borrowers in trade and service sector who are willing to furnish mortgage of property of adequate value, for acquiring fixed assets needed for business purposes and/or for build-up of inventory/current assets.
Age Minimum 21 years ; Maximum: 65 years
  • Existing customers;
  • New connections including takeovers;
  • First generation entrepreneurs as well as promoters of existing units for the purpose of setting up new unit. The following categories of borrowers will be covered:
    1. Small business enterprises,
    2. Retail traders/wholesale,
    3. Professional and Self-employed traders,
    4. Commission Agents.
Quantum of Loan
  • Minimum - Rs 1 lac
  • Maximum - Rs 5 crores
Margin 50% of the realizable value of the property
Interest Rate  Interest will be charged at prevailing rate on daily reducing balance at monthly rest.


Objective The product is a pre-approved term loan facility with option of multiple disbursements for multiple purposes. The product is aimed at facilitating growth among well rated existing customers.
  • Minimum 21 years ;
  • Maximum: 65 years
Target Group
  • All units under Manufacturing sector;
  • Under Service sector: Educational Institution, Healthcare Industry (Hospital, Doctors, Pathological Labs, and Nursing Home), Hospitality Industry (Hotels, Restaurants, and Health Club etc), and Transport Operators with minimum 25 vehicles.
Quantum of Loan 20% of total limit sanctioned with a maximum of Rs. 5 crores
Margin Margin at 25% uniformly.
Interest Rate  Interest will be charged at prevailing rate on daily reducing balance at monthly rest.



Seeing the recent all round growth of new multiplex structures and shopping complexes in urban and metro centres“MRB Shoppe Plus” has been devised to tap the potential available for financing:

  • The purchase of premises for new or old shops/establishments/offices by SMEs, SSSBEs, self-employed and professional persons, etc.
  • Expansion / addition / alteration / modernization / renovation / facelifting of the above types of business premises
  • Setting up of dealership showrooms under tie-up arrangement with the reputed industrial/business houses
  • Acquisition of premises for Training Centres, Service Centres, Repair Centres, Garages, etc.
  • Purchase of furniture / fixtures, electrical fittings and other accessories required for hops /establishments /showrooms / offices.
Age Minimum 21 years ; Maximum: 65 years
Eligibility Individuals, proprietorship & partnership firms, trusts, franchises are eligible to avail financial assistance for the purposes mentioned above.
Quantum of Loan The cost of purchase / acquisition of the business premises, furniture, fixtures, etc. less the stipulated prescribed margin subject to a maximum limit of Rs. 20 lacs.
  • Purchase /acquiring new property : 25%
  • Purchase /acquiring of old property: 40%
Interest Rate  Interest will be charged at prevailing rate on daily reducing balance at monthly rest.



Financing to

  • Primary and Higher secondary schools.
  • Graduation, Under-Graduation and Post-Graduation colleges

For the purpose of

  • Purchase of land for building / play ground
  • Construction of school building / auditorium
  • Repair / renovation of existing building
  • Purchase of computer and related equipment
  • Purchase of books / manuals / software and other training material
  • Purchase of laboratory equipment
  • Purchase of furniture / fixtures
  • Purchase of sports equipmentEquipment for mid day meal scheme
  • Purchase of buses for student transportation

Note: Professional colleges and coaching institutes are excluded from this scheme.

  • Government Aided schools / colleges.
  • Private schools / collegesSchools / colleges run by trusts of good standing
  • Technical institutes recognized by AICTE / NBA /MCI
Quantum of Loan No limit
Margin 20% of the project cost
Interest Rate  Interest will be charged at prevailing rate on daily reducing balance at monthly rest.



The scheme envisages financing to qualified medical practitioners for

  • Buying equipments
  • Setting up clinics or clinic-cum-residence, etc.
  • Purchase of vehicles, ambulance, computers
  • Expansion/renovation/modernisation of existing premises
  • Any other activity related to medical profession.
Age Minimum 21 years ; Maximum: 65 years
Eligibility Individuals, Proprietorships,\Partnerships, Limited\Companies, Trusts are eligible to avail of the facilities offered by the scheme. The promoters/promoters should be registered qualified medical practitioners with minimum degrees, as MBBS /BAMS / GAMS/ BDS/BHMS.
Quantum of Loan
  • Rural & Semi-urban Individuals/Proprietorships: Rs 5 crore
  • Rural & Semi-urban Corporates/Partnerships/Trusts: Rs 5 crore
  • Urban & Metro Individuals/Proprietorships: Rs 5 crore
  • Urban & Metro Corporates/Partnerships/Trusts: Rs 10 crore
  • Upto Rs. 10 Lacs – 15%
  • Over Rs. 10 Lacs upto
  • Rs. 5 crores – 20%Rs. 5 crores - Rs. 10 crores – 25%
Interest Rate  Interest will be charged at prevailing rate on daily reducing balance at monthly rest.


  • To generate employment opportunities in rural as well as urban areas through setting up of self-employment ventures;
  • To provide continuance & sustainable employment to a large segment of traditional and prospective artisans and unemployed youth, so as to help arrest migration of rural youth to urban areas.
Age Minimum 18years
  • Any adult individual beneficiary above 18 years of age
  • There will be no income ceiling for assistance under PMEGP
  • For setting up of project costing above Rs. 10 lakh in manufacturing sector and above Rs. 5 lakh in the business/service sector, the beneficiaries should possess at least VIII Standard pass education qualification.
  • Assistance under the scheme is available only for new projects sanctioned specifically under the PMEGP.
Quantum of Loan
  • Maximum limit:Rs. 25.00 lakh for Manufacturing unit
  • Rs. 10.00 lakh for Service unit
  • General Category: 10%
  • Special Category: 5%
Interest Rate  As per Bank's guidelines.

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Purpose To meet all kinds of credit requirement for setting up Greenfield projects under manufacturing, services or the trading sector SC/ST and/or woman entrepreneurs.
  • SC/ST and/or woman entrepreneurs above 18 years of age
  • Loans under the scheme is available for only green field project (first time venture) of the beneficiary in the manufacturing or services or trading sector.
  • In case of non-individual enterprises, 51% of the shareholding and controlling stake should be held by either SC/ST and/or Women Entrepreneur.
Quantum of Loan
  • Minimum – More than Rs. 10 lakh
  • Maximum – Rs. 1 crore
Margin Minimum mandatory margin is 10%.
Interest Rate  Interest will be charged at prevailing rate on daily reducing balance at monthly rest.
Category Loan Limit Key Feature
Shishu Up to Rs 50000/-
  • Meant for non-farm enterprises in manufacturing, trading & services
  • Hassle free, flexible credit product
  • No collateral
  • Term & working capital loan
  • Repayment in maximum period extended up to 5 years
Kishore Rs 50001 to Rs 5 lakh
Tarun Above Rs 5 lakh & up to Rs 10 lakh
Margins Shishu Loan : Not Applicable Kishore and Tarun Loans : 10%
Rate of Interest Interest will be charged at prevailing rate on daily reducing balance at monthly rest.
On April 8, 2015 the Hon’ble Prime Minister launched the Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana (PMMY) with a mission to create an inclusive, sustainable and value based entrepreneurial culture.
The scheme aims at providing loans to Small Business activities under Manufacturing, Service, Small Business and Trade (non-farm enterprises) & covered under the following three sub-categories based on loan limit:
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