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Savings Account

Secure Your Future with Our Savings Deposit Accounts
At Meghalaya Rural Bank, our Savings Deposit Accounts are designed to help you grow your money safely and efficiently. Whether you're saving for an emergency, a major purchase, or retirement, our accounts provide a solid financial foundation.
Key Benefits
• Competitive Interest Rates: Earn attractive returns on your savings with an interest rate of 2.70% p.a.
• Easy Access: Manage your funds anytime with our online banking platform and extensive ATM/BC network.
• Mobile Banking & Internet Banking: Access and manage your account conveniently from anywhere.
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How to Open an Account
1. Apply Online, In-Branch, or at Any CSP: Fill out our simple application form or open your savings account using Aadhaar authentication.
2. Submit Documents: Provide valid KYC documents along with your photograph.
3. Paperless Online Option: Open your account online without any paperwork.
Open an Account Online
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