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Recurring Deposit

Secure your future with Meghalaya Rural Bank’s Recurring Deposit (RD) accounts. Our RD accounts offer you a convenient way to save regularly and earn attractive interest rates, helping you to build a substantial savings over time.
Key Features
  • Flexible Tenure: Choose a deposit term that suits your financial goals, ranging from 6 months to 10 years.
  • Attractive Interest Rates: Enjoy competitive interest rates to maximize your savings.
  • Regular Savings: Deposit a fixed amount monthly, making it easier to save consistently.
  • Secure Investment: Guaranteed returns with minimal risk.
  • Auto-Debit Facility: Set up an auto-debit from your savings account to ensure timely deposits.
  • Premature Withdrawal: Option to withdraw your deposit before maturity, subject to applicable terms.
  • Loan Against Deposit: Avail loans against your RD to meet urgent financial needs
Easy Account Opening

You can conveniently open a Recurring Deposit account via Mobile Banking and Internet Banking:

  • Mobile Banking: Use our mobile app to open an RD account anytime, anywhere. Simply log in, navigate to the RD section, and follow the prompts to set up your account.
  • Internet Banking: Access your account online, select the RD option, and complete the setup process in a few simple steps.
Interest Rate
Sl. No.Maturity PeriodInterest Rate
Senior CitizensOthers
41 Year but less than 3 Years7.50%7.00%
53 to 10 Years7.00%6.50%
Start saving today with Meghalaya Rural Bank’s Recurring Deposit and watch your savings grow effortlessly!
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