Debt Swap Scheme

(Loan to Farmers Indebted to Money Lenders)


To provide relief and remove debt burden of identified, actually distresses farmers who are under heavy burden of debt from non-institutional source (i.e. money lenders) by providing them loan for debt redemption. This is a loan given to farmers to offset their loan from money-lenders

Eligible Borrower

Small and marginal and agricultural labourers. All borrowers regular in payment, non-borrowers and tenant farmers who approach as a Self-Help Group or Joint Liability Group are also eligible for this loan. Existing willful defaulters of the bank will not be eligible.


Minimum 21 years ; Maximum: 65 years

Loan Amount

Maximum: Rs. 50,000/-.
However, actual loan amount shall be determined after proper verification/ identification of beneficiaries and obtaining in writing details like name and address of money lenders, amount of debt, date of creation of debt, etc.



Interest Rate 

As per Bank's guidelines