Mortgage Loans For Traders, Professional & Self-Employed

Purpose: To provide hassle free credit to borrowers in trade and services sector who are willing to furnish mortgage of land and building of adequate value.


  • First generation entrepreneurs as well as promoters of existing units for the purpose of setting up of new units.
  • Retail and wholesale traders.
  • Small Business enterprises.
  • Professionals and Self-Employed.

Nature of Facility

  • Term loan: For acquiring fixed assets.
  • Cash Credit: For build-up of inventory and currents assets, i.e. working capital requirements

Loan Amount

  • Minimum : Rs. 25,000/- 
  • Maximum : Rs. 50,00,000/-

Margin: 10% of actual requirement or 35% of value of property, whichever is higher.


  • Hypothecation of stocks
  • Mortgage of land & landed property & Third Party Guarantee

Moratorium: Depending on the scheme and maximum of 6 months.

Interest: Applicable as per prevailing rate of interest at the time of sanction and is subject to change from time to time.


  • Term Loan: Maximum 60 months
  • Cash Credit: Repayable on demand. However, the limit is valid for 3 years subject to yearly review

Processing & Upfront Fees: Applicable as per prevailing rate at the time of sanction.

Pre-payment Charges: 1% of the prepaid amount for term loan above Rs. 5.00 lakh